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From: David Gersic (
Date: Sun Sep 02 2012 - 11:14:55 EDT

On Saturday, September 01, 2012 11:18:32 PM you wrote:
> A Kid who works with me came over this afternoon with his dads snapon
> scanner $$$ he pulled a code not showing up on my dash, No ASD voltage at

Whoa. Ok, so that makes sense given the symptoms, but I thought you had tested
and found +12V at the injectors? I guess not, if the +12V isn't making it to
the PCM. Thanks for the follow up, though.

> It's running a
> bit rough though, pulled a p0108, not sure if a bad plug could cause that
> code?

My reference list says:

P0108 (M)
Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric
Pressure Circuit High Input
MAP sensor input above maximum acceptable voltage.

So I'm going with "no", that's not from a bad plug. That's a sensor out of
range error.

> also p1391???

P1391 (M)
Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP
Loss of the Cam Position Sensor or Crank Position
sensor has occurred. For PL 2.0L

Hm. You've replaced the cam and crank sensors. Maybe they need another look?

> And a code that says MAP voltage too
> high.

That'd be your P0108. Or are you getting another code as well? Maybe a P0106?

P0106 (M)
Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric
Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem
MAP sensor input voltage out of an acceptable range
detected during reading of barometric pressure at key-

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