Performance Mods?

Date: Mon Nov 27 1995 - 23:46:58 EST

Hi folks!

I'm new to this list and if this has been discussed before, forgive me and
point me to the FAQ! Anyway, I own a '95 4WD SLT Extended cab with the 318
V8. I love the truck!

Has anyone found a cat back exhaust system for these trucks? How 'bout
headers? I think the 4WD must complicate exhaust pipe routing, since I
haven't found anything except for V6 trucks.

Any other tricks or tips to up the output a bit? I use the truck to commute
daily and to pull a car trailer occaisonally (when I don't drive the GN to
the track 'cause I'm too lazy to swap the slicks and street tires).

Ken Mosher
'87 GN: Stock appearing, 3660 lbs with driver, 11.21@121.5 thru the full
'95 Dakota: extended cab, 4WD, V8, blue and silver
'93 Buick Regal GS: Blue, grey leather, 3800 V^

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