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From: Kurt Bouman (
Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 17:32:28 EST

Hi, JPC.

My Toyota used to have a GREAT tonneau cover, with the best attachment
system I've seen or used. Instead of velcro, snaps, or a rail, my cover
attached with shockcord loops to hooks riveted to the bed. I bought it
in Portland, Maine, from a canvasmaker; actually, most of his business
was boat canvas/covers, but his tonneau worked really well. The cover
attached behind the cab with an aluminum slot into which the rubberized
nylon canvas slid quite easily and securely. I had two ash battens that
supported the cover; they fit brackets riveted inside the bed, and sort
of looked like barrel-hoops as they kept the cover taut. The best part
was the shockcord loops; dirt could not foul the attachment mechanism,
and it worked great in HOT and COLD (like, 100 degrees to 20 below zero),
and even stretched to allow me to overload my bed. I sold my truck, and
now have a Dakota w/a canopy, but if I didn't have the cap, I'd contact a
canvasmaker and have one like I described custom-made. It was completely
dry (edges fitted over the bed by about 1 1/2 inches) and the cord never
broke (a 8" or so piece was tied in a loop, knotted inside the hem, and
run through alum. grommets, so the exposed part was clean). The
manufacturer was on Warren Avenue in Portland or Westbrook, Maine. Good

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