New Dakota

From: James Henry (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 16:22:27 EDT

Hi, I just bought my first Dodge amethyst 1998 regular cab Dakota 5.9 R/T. It is the best truck that I have ever driven. It handles like a sports car and with 250hp and a 3.92 posi-rear I should have no problem out running most factory trucks. When the truck gets a few miles on the clock, I will take it to the strip for a few races against my friends 1994 Ford Lightning. I think I'll kick his tail !!
My truck is totally stock except for the dealer added Mopar bedliner and bug shield and has every option except the overhead console. If anyone else owns one of these great trucks, please let me know. There doesn't seem to be many around.

James Henry
Tulsa, OK


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