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Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 08:26:55 EDT

At 07:51 AM 6/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>My impression, based on the responses to my original question, is that
>there is not a "spec" sheet from CC or a FAQ that details the unique
>suspension components of a R/T. Are there any CC parts people on the
>list that can go through a CC parts book and check for part number
>differences? At the very least, has any body measured ride height and
>sway bar diameters on a R/T and 5.2L V8?
>Have pity on me, I'm used to limited addition Ford and GM products that
>the manufactures go out of their way to detail the differences from the
>standard vehicle.
>Bob WImmer

Well Bob , from what I have learned about CC vehicles over the years ,
Chrysler never has really kept very detailed records on specific info .

For instance , alot of people wonder how many '78 Aspens were built with
this option or that , but Chrysler didn't keep exact numbers to my
recollection , they only kept percentages . Like the records would say
something like "10% of all Darts in 1979 were Blue" , NOT "2500 Darts in
1979 were Blue" . They also did some off the wall things . I remember more
than one case where the customer wanted a color that wasn't available on
ANY car from Chrysler for a given year , but they went out and painted it
the color he wanted anyway .

Now , of course this was many years ago , but some of the same may apply
today .

Jack Hilton

'98 CC R/T "Black Death"

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