Re: 240 amp alternator

From: Patrick Delgado (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 13:55:14 EST

You're right about the alternator, but the batteries have to be *in parallel*.
Putting 3-4 batteries in series would give you 36-48 volts. This would fry
everything in the truck. To connect batteries in parallel you connect all the
positives together, and all the negatives together. Like this...


           batt 1 batt 2 batt 3 batt 4 cables

Dr. Pat
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>Subject: RE: DML: 240 amp alternator
>Date: Tue, Mar 23, 1999, 3:59 PM

> Let me take a wild guess here- you want it for a car audio system right? If
> this is not the case then you don't need to read on..
> if it is- you probably don't need something quite that heavy duty unless you
> plan on converting the entire truck to a rolling boom box. You could easily
> get by with the stock alternator (mine came with the 136 amp alt with the HD
> elect group). This alternator would let you run 1000-2000 watt system-
> anything more and you're talking some major increase in electric current and
> then yes- I'd recommend a HD alternator (but not necessarily 240 amp- maybe
> 200 tops). Now if you plan to sit in the parking lot at night with your
> buddies and play the stereo without the truck running- you need to consider
> some gel cell batteries (depending on the size of the system- 3 or 4 in
> series). Hope this helps
> -Eric
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