Re: Whats up with plug gaps, and some other stuff.

From: Gary Shook (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 12:18:07 EDT

Factory gap recommendation depends on year... my '98 Ram states .040 as
I run Autolite Double Platinums at about .047 with good performance.

Gary Shook
Penrose, CO

>> I have an electric fan, jet pulleys, jet thermostat, jet stage II, 52mm
>> billet spacer, My Filter kit, JBA Y pipe, Headers, and a Flowmaster 2
>> chamber,
>> MSD 8.5s and the Accel coil........
>> Stock Gap is 40, I had opened it up to 55 but mileage took a dump. What
>> should I try next.....I was going to try a colder plug, but its all
>> confusing. Any ideas?
>I believe the stock gap is .35. Either way, .55 is way too much.

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