Re: Concern with underdrive pullies

Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 20:39:14 EDT

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<< Hello, I'm having some concerns AND doubts about the ASP underdrive
pullies. >>

You should've gone with my R&D Performance set! ;) It's probably of the
highest quality on the market (I'm up for a comparison.. they're jems :-)) It
retains use of the stock belt to kick, too.

J/k, shameless plug.

<< I placed both the crank and alt. and (it has happened twice) when i slow
to a stop, The "check gauges" light flashes on and beeps and i look at the
oil pressure gauge and it's a "0", then the "check gauges" light blinks off
and the oil pressure gauge kicks back on again. WHAT is wrong? >>

When you slow down to a stop, you're almost going back down to idle......
I've never used these steel ASP pulleys, but it sounds like your accessories
are pretty much underdriven about as much as they can be.. what's the alt
gauge read at idle ? do the lights dim ?

About the oil pressure - my friends Dak ('98) had an oil leak from the
factory. His "brisk" driving style also helped force alot of that oil out of
the manifold (I think thats where it was leaking) :-) so..... check your oil!
When he did, it didn't even register!



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