RE: New headers please read

From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 09:25:47 EDT

After installing your headers...did you reset the computer? Did you
retorque the bolts after the initial warm-up? (And don't worry about the
smoke, that normal for new'll go away in a day or two.)

- Bernd

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I just installed my new edelbrock headers. First off what a pain. The
time I started the truck up it idled real high. Is this normal? Second it
seems to idle high at 50 mph around 1500 or so. Is this normal? I just
might have never noticed it before. Third for the first drive my engine
smoked quite abit. when I got home I looked under the hood and saw the
headers were now gray so I assume the smoke was the paint. Am I correct in
this assumption? I just want to make sure everything is working properly.


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