Figured it out

From: Dave Wilker (
Date: Tue Jun 21 2011 - 13:23:47 EDT

Hello all, and Happy Father's day.
Finally got the ABS and BRAKE lights out in the dash. Apparently my '98
Dakota Sport 2.5/5-speed is the only vehicle on earth with the
ABS/Speedometer sensor (differential) that has the electrical connection
pointed at the driver's side frame rail. ALL the other I see are pointed at
the passenger's side frame rail. Took the one back to Auto Zone, and went
on-line looking for the right one. Not only is there no correct replacement
to be found, NO ONE knows anything about it. So I ordered the wrong one
because it has a short pigtail cable to connect the sensor to the wiring
harness. Then a new problem. The metal support bracket that goes around the
sensor is ALSO 180 degrees off. The new sensor doesn't have one of those
either, so no bracket. Screw it. Lesson learned.

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David C. Wilker Jr

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