RE: R+D vs. QUICK D....Throttle bodys

From: Sam Parthemer (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 21:16:39 EDT

The Quick D TB uses a 52mm bore. Our TBs aren't much larger than stock,
was a move in the right direction because a straight through 52mm bore is
definately going to be way too much air for a 318, and I've heard of a
low end loss on 360s as well.

ttyl Patrick


That's funny, my RT is running a true 52mm bore quick-D, and if I've got a strong low end loss, isn't obvious to me. 2.17 second 60' times, and 73 mph in the 1/8th... Not to mention I tried an idle to full throttle stomp the other day, which netted +60' dark patches from the stop light near my house.

Maybe for a 318 they're a little much, but then again I ran a similar setup on my '95 SLT which came in at 216 hp, 298 Ft. lbs. of torque.

I am hoping to get the RT into the Dyno Shop soon for some HP/Torque numbers.

Sam '99 RT

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